Before and AfterSee Curb-O-Let Products in Action

The Curb-O-Let unique design allows pipe to be installed by simply inserting drain pipe through the back of the Curb-O-let unit.

Curb-O-Let Thru The Curb Drain is designed with an easy to install pipe connection. Once the curb forms have been removed, simply insert your pipe through the opening and seal.

Please view the photos below of before and after photos where Curb-O-Let products were used. You can see the benefits in the photos.

Use model numbers TCD414 and TCD422 for 8″ curbs only. In place of those two model numbers, use TCD317 and TCD327 for 6″ curbs. If no Curb-O-Let is required, the 414 and 422 drainage channel can be used on 6″ curbs.