Features & Benefits of Curb-O-Let The Curb-O-Let Products

Quite simply, you will never view curb drains the same after seeing our uniquely designed product.!

The Curb-O-Let is quickly becoming an industry standard due to its quality and efficiency.

 We are pleased to present to you the nations most cutting edge undersidewalk curb drain system. The Curb-O-Let Thru the Curb Drain is constructed as a single piece heavy gauge, hot dipped galvanized steel to produce a structurally sound curb. It prevents misaligned pipes and holes, and prevents the unattractive effects of cracked or chipped concrete curbs. It is a logical solution to the nagging liability of partially missing curbs.

Use model numbers TCD414 and TCD422 for 8″ curbs only. In place of those two model numbers, use TCD317 and TCD327 for 6″ curbs. If no Curb-O-Let is required, the 414 and 422 drainage channel can be used on 6″ curbs.